Web 2.0 Backlinks

PropertyGrow.com is introducing a new simplified Web 2.0 Backlinks service. This service focuses on what has proven to work over the years: hand-made Web 2.0 Properties and Web 2.0 Profiles.

These backlinks have been working well and still work to drive your website up in the search engines. These links alone are often enough to rank local keywords and low competition keywords. When trying to rank harder keywords, web 2.0 links work real well when combined with other high-quality backlinks such as as guest blogging, high-authority magazine links, blog posts, etc. Whatever the type of website you run, I believe it is foolish not to use these web 2.0 targets as they have proven to be safe, cost-effective and long-lasting way to drive link juice to our sites.

Web 2.0 Backlinks are great for branding and increasing the presence of your brand on the web. We offer an option to use only brand-relevant usernames. This way you not only ensure that your brand-name is owned by you on all most popular sites, but also get to control the message that is being propagated on the web about your company. We use an extensive list of targets and you can easily get links on up to 400 unique domains.

Web 2.0 Properties

One of the sample Web 2.0 Properties shown above.

Web 2.0 properties are created on websites that allow users to create mini-site or mini-blog where we can post an article and place a contextual hyperlink pointing to your website.

  • Web 2.0 properties are created on the most popular site-builder and blogging websites such as wordpress.com, medium.com and many others.
  • Contextual backlinks placed on high-authority domains are a great foundation for all types of websites.
  • Each account is created by hand by real people.
  • We take time to customize the theme of each property wherever possible.
  • Each property includes an article relevant to the subject of your website.
  • Articles also feature relevant images.
  • Up to 100 unique domain links

Web 2.0 Content Options

Our web 2.0s look great and the content reads well, especially if you go with unique content.

Multiple content options are available to fit every type of project:

  • Spun content: default level. We write unique 500-word articles and spin them to create multiple versions. For 25 web 2.0s we write unique 2 articles, for 50 web 2.0s - 5 unique articles and for 100 web 2.0s - 10 unique articles.
  • Unique content: 300-word articles
  • Unique content: 500-word articles
  • Unique content: 700-word articles
  • Unique content: 1,000-word articles

From our experience quality spun content still works well and is best suited for projects where it is imperative to keep costs low such as affiliate websites, Amazon review websites. lead generation, etc.

When doing SEO for clients, it is often important to have the best readable content, so we recommend using unique content for those type of projects.

Web 2.0 Profiles

  • Web 2.0 profiles are user accounts on the high-authority well-known social, web 2.0, discussion websites on the web.
  • Each user account will have a backlink to your site.
  • Each user account is made by hand and includes an image.
  • Up to 300 unique domain links

Most of the sites we use for web 2.0 profiles support only raw URL as a backlink, so we do not have full control of keyword anchor texts for each site. However this is great to add some natural anchor text diversity, because adding raw URL links is the best way to avoid anchor text over-optimization.

Customization Options

These options are applicable for both web 2.0 properties and profiles.

Web 2.0 Username Options

  • Brand-relevant usernames: we will try to register usernames which match your brand name or the closest match available.
  • Niche-relevant usernames: we will register usernames which are similar to the keywords you are targeting. We still keep them diverse and avoid repeating same usernames for all accounts.
  • Mix of brand and niche-relevant: mix of above two options. This is the default option in the order form.

Web 2.0 Drip Feed Options

Link velocity is important, so we give you an option to spread out the link building over the course of multiple days. Default option is to get links posted immediately. Alternatively, you can choose to spread the link building campaign over 5, 15, 30 or 60 days.

Packages and Prices

Web 2.0 Properties Packages

Package 25 Web 2.0s 50 Web 2.0s 100 Web 2.0s
Default Spun Content 2 unique 500-w articles 5 unique 500-w articles 10 unique 500-w articles
Unique Content Options ✓ Available ✓ Available ✓ Available
Unique Domains Links 25 50 100
Starting From $67 $127 $247

Web 2.0 Profiles Packages

Package 50 Profiles 100 Profiles 200 Profiles 300 Profiles
Unique Domains Links 50 100 200 300
Price $77 $147 $277 $347

Hand-Made Tier 2 Web 2.0 Properties & Profiles

Our Tier 2 web 2.0s will look just as pretty as our standard web 2.0s!

If you would like the web 2.0 links to be stronger, you have an option to order Tier 2 Web 2.0 properties and profiles. These links are made to the same standard as Tier 1 backlinks that point at your website.

For web 2.0 properties we use same spun content which is based on uniquely written 500-word articles. You can choose any amount of links from 50 web 2.0s properties to 300 web 2.0 profiles.

To order Tier 2 links, you need to check "Would you like to add Tier 2 Links?" in the order form. You can put any information such as Tier 2 anchor texts in Additional Details or Requests.


Check out sample web 2.0 properties that we have created over 3 years ago: here, here and here. As you can see these backlinks can stand the test of time.

Turnaround Time, Reporting & Communications

  • Turnaround Time is up to 21 days. If you have opted out for dripping option, please add the drip duration to 21 days to get the maximum turnaround time.
  • Full reports with all login information, URLs of all links created
  • Each client receives a login for customer backend, where you will be able to access reports for all your orders indefinitely.
  • You can always message us through customer backend or through contact page.


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